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Wire rope clips are also known as wire rope clamps or wire rope grips, They are a simple accessories and used to an eye-loop connections or join two wire rope cable ends together.

Hilifting is one of the leading wire rope clamps suppliers in China. We can produce many types of wire rope clips, including drop forged wire rope clips, galvanized wire rope clips, malleable wire rope clips, and stainless wire rope clamps, which meet the standards of the US, EN, DIN, and JIS.

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Hilifting Your Best Wire Rope Clamps Suppliers And Manufacturers In China

1. What is a wire rope clip?

Wire rope clip is also known as wire rope clamp, wire grip clamp, and loop grip, widely used for making eye-loop connections or join two wire rope cable ends together. It usually has three components: a U-shaped bolt, a forged or cast iron saddle and two nuts.

What is a wire rope clip

2. How to install wire rope clips?

Commonly wire rope clamp installation is very simple, just put the dead-end of wire ropes in contact with the U-bolt, then fitted the saddle over the ropes on to the bolt, then tighten the nuts to secure the arrangement in place, but you must keep the following recommendation ways:

  • The dead-end of the wire rope (the end of the cut side) must be contacted with the U bolt, then the saddle should be on the live end.
  • Keep three or more wire rope clips attached at the end of the wire rope dead end, space between each wire rope clip should be at least 6 times the wire rope diameter.
  • Tighten the wire rope clip closest to the thimble eye loop as possible, and never start from the one farthest from eye separately first.

You can see the correct and incorrect ways of installation from the following pictures and find how many wire rope clips to use at one wire rope loop.

How to install wire rope clips

3. How to choose and use wire rope clips?

  • Heavy duty: For heavy duty, important or critical, overhead lifting or suspending, such as support lines, guy lines, towing lines, tie downs, scaffolds, etc, always use like g450 drop forged wire rope clips, made from dropped forged steel can be used for securing an overhead loaddrop forged wire rope clips. Never use malleable wire rope clips for these applications.
  • Light duty: Malleable wire rope clips are used for light duty loads, like din741 wire rope clip, din1142 wire rope clip, it was made from malleable iron, can only be used for non-critical applications with relatively light loads, such as handrails, fencing, guard rails, etc.

4. Why choose Hilifting wire rope clips?

  • One-stop service and solutions supplier, approved by ISO9001 and TUV.
  • Rich experience and skilled workers with full line state of the art machinery, we are the first semi-auto wire rope clip manufacturer in China, which reduces the production cost and fast the delivery, the more important is we can supply stable producing process and high product consistency.
  • Hilifting wire rope clips sizes are available from Imperial (1/8 wire rope clip, 3/16 wire rope clip, 3/8 wire rope clip, and 1/2 wire rope clamp) to Metric(3mm wire rope clamp, 4mm wire rope clamp and 6mm wire rope clamp)
  • Strict quality control and with long term quality inspection contract with SGS, our quality control process:
  • Pre-shipment picture and video for help our customers handling packing and quality.
  • Passed 3rd party audit arranged by several top 500 company and be their long term contract supplier.

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