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Shackles play a key role in the lifting industry, they are commonly used to connect chains, wire ropes and lifting slings to loads.

Hilifting is a leading shackle manufacturer in china, supplying many high-quality types of shackles. We offer four basic types of shackles – screw pin anchor shackle, screw pin chain shackle, bolt type with safety pin anchor shackle and bolt type with safety pin chain shackle with capacity ranges from 3/16 inch, 0.33 ton to 2 1/2 inch, 55 ton shackle.

Our shackles have highly working load limit with good elongation and fatigue. Quality is our first priority, if you are looking for shackles supplier that offers good quality and competitive price, please contact us for more information, we help you and your business grow and succeed.

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Hilifting Your Best Shackles Manufacturer And Supplier In China

1. What’s Shackle?

Shackles are the one of the most used rigging accessories. Because the pins are removable, they are used to make connections to slings, rope, cable, etc.

Hilifting has full line of shackles, including US type anchor shackle, chain shackles, AS 2741 Grade S bow shackle, European large bow shackle and d shackle, JIS and Din standards shackles.  Of course, we supply off road shackles and recovery shackles for customer’s specific demand in towing trailer and truck. In order to meet different needs of our overseas customers, we are also able to ODM according to your requested.

Hilifting - D Shackle, Bow shackle, Chain Shackle & Anchor Shackle

2. Why Use Hilifting Shackles?

Hilifting specializes in rigging, lifting, and material handling, supplying high-quality shackles to industry, oil, marine, and fishing and a number of commercial markets over the last 20 years.

As the best heavy-duty shackle supplier in China, With the advantage of our forged and heat treat expertise, Hilifting Industry heavy duty load rated shackles are able to apply to all lifting equipment.

A lot of care and process goes into making these shackles so you can be confident that we don’t just do it halfheartedly. We take this art very seriously, which is why we are one of the leading lifting shackles suppliers in China.

US Type Chain Shackle With Safety Pin Details

3. How Is Hilifting Shackles?

       3.1 Use high quality materials

  • Hilifting shackles are made on the basis of loading capacity, performance, and environmental applications, These factors are firstly determined by the raw materials, normally rigging materials are carbon steel(mild or low-carbon steel), stainless steel(inox steel or inox).
  • Alloy steel is also carbon steel with a variety of metal elements to improve rigging accessories’ mechanical properties, making them more highly loading limited, fatigues or can be used in some extreme conditions.
  • Stainless steels feature a chromium oxide film on their surfaces which creates high corrosion resistance, are ideal for yacht rigging, stair balustrades, decking and architectural applications since their high polished finish.

     3.2 Strict surface finish

  • The shackles surface finish can protect the surface of rigging hardware, optimize friction and wearing while paired with lifting equipment or material handlings.
  • The surface finish process usually including hot-dipped galvanized, electro-galvanized, painting, polishing, abrasive blasting, electrical discharge machining (EDM), or other processes.

    3.3 Shackles key specifications

  • W.L.L : Working load limited, sometimes stated as Safe Working Load (SWL) or is the maximum safe force that rigging accessories can exert to lift, suspend, or lower, a given mass without fear of breaking. Usually marked on the body by the manufacturer.
  • Safety Factor: Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) divided by a safety factor(SF = MBL / WLL), usually ranging from 4, 6 to 8 on the rigging hardware body. Our rigging accessories’ safety factor can be as high as 10:1 or 10 to 1, if you have more high-quality rigging to your lifting equipment.

3.4 Strict quality control inspections

  • 100% surface inspected before loading.
  • W.L.L & MBS test with report.

4. Types Of Hilifting Shackles?

Hilifting is a leading shackles manufacturer in china, supplying high-quality shackles in a variety of types. We offer four basic types of shackles – screw pin anchor shackle, screw pin chain shackle, bolt type with safety pin anchor shackle and bolt type with safety pin chain shackle with capacity ranges from 3/16 inch, 0.33 ton to 2 1/2 inch, 55 ton shackle.

  • Anchor Shackle: Also known as bow shackle, features a large rounded shape that increased area on the inside of the shackle body and allows them to take loads from many directions without developing significant side load. That makes them ideal for use with multiple-leg slings, connecting slings to load rings, and accommodating a wider strap. The screw pin configuration is best for use in applications that are temporary, or require repeated or quick connections and disconnections. The screw pin anchor shackle is used for static loads while safety bolt type anchor shackle for running loads.
Hilifting Workshop corner

5. Hilifting Shackles Application

Periodic inspections, regular maintenance are necessary and important criteria for the shackles, here are 2 rules for rigging maintenance:

  • Keep the rigging hardware away from the edge of sharp objects, avoid to dragging, wearing, and high load operation beyond its W.L.L.
  • It must be stored in a dry and well-ventilated environment, If not used in the short term. Keep the surface of the rigging clean, avoid heating and direct sunlight, keep away from Corrosive chemicals.

6. Hilifting Shackles machining process

The process of the shackle is accomplished by these steps:

Cutting → Heating → Roll forging → Punch bending → Edge Cutting → Burr Removing→ Drilling, Tapping, Thread Rolling → Heat Treatment (Quenched & Tempered) → Shot Blasting → Surface Treatment → Inspection station → Packing → Shipping

Most all load rated shackles are dropped forged and quenched and tempered. Forging is the process of heating the shackle and hammering it into shape to creates the desired steel grain structure. Quenched and Tempered also known as heat treatment process makes them have a high fatigue resistance and allows the shackle body and pin to bend before breaking, not to brittle fracture, keep the load rating safe. With the finishing of galvanized, hot dipped galvanized, and plastic coating or stainless steel, shackles are able to achieve and maintain high performance in harsh conditions of heat, cold and salt corrosion, etc.

Rigging hardware common machining process

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