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Hooks are one of the most common rigging accessories in hoist machinery, can be used for general lifting, towing, or restraint heavy loads for transport operations,

Hilifting has a huge range of hooks with a variety of styles and capacities for a number of uses, according to their structure, they could mainly be divided into swivel hoist hook, slip hook, grab hook with or without latch kits, for fast and easy attachment to chains, wire ropes, or lifting slings.

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Some Tips Before Buying Hooks From China

1. Types Of Rigging Hooks

Hooks are load lifting, towing, or other heavy-duty application rigging accessories, they are available with a variety of end connectors, to the fast and easy attachment for rigging applications with a different design, strength, and capacity.

Hilifting manufactures many types of hooks, including hoist hook, slip hook, grab hook, clevis hook, slings hooks, and self-locking hook.

  • Grab hook uses a special shallow throat opening to keep a chain from slipping off the hook, it is commonly used to load binding, shorten or hold as an end on a transport chain. The throat allows for easy and secure engages the chain between the links for quick and non-slip handling.
  • Slip hook has a wider throat than the grab hook, also sometimes called a sling hook due to its wider throat. Most of the time, it has a latch to keep the attached object security.
  • Clevis hook features a U shaped clevis pin or bolt to allows shackles chain, or other rigging accessories to load secure connections.
  • Hoist hook also is known as hoist lifting hook, is designed for attaching to the end of wire rope slings, chain slings, complete with a safety latch, to lift objects quickly by crane and land them securely without using of shackles.
  • Self-locking hook can prevent the hook being accidentally dislodged when under heavy load.
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2. How to choose the right rigging hook?

We’ve outlined some information below to help you choose the right rigging hook before your rigging work.

  • Grades
    Grades 30, 43, and 70, Grade 80 and Grade 100 hooks that are suitable for lifting are but only Grade 80 and Grade 100 can be used for overhead lifting. Grade 30, 43 and 70 can be used for load securement. Grade 80 and Grade 100 hooks are made of alloy steel, but grade 100 hooks can provide approximately 25% high working load limits than Grade 80 hooks.
  • Materials
    Commonly we supply carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel of hooks for lifting applications. carbon steel hooks for non-overhead lifting purposes, such as towing, pulling or load securement, alloy steel hooks can be used for overhead lifting applications
    as for stainless steel hooks have better corrosion resistance to seawater, chemicals, and acids, particularly for marine environments.
  • Working Load Limit
    Sometimes also called Safe Working Load, W.L.L or SWL. it is a maximum load rated that should be applied to the object. So the hooks’ Working Load Limit should never be exceeded or shock load the chain or attachments. Choose the right W.L.L and proper sizes with chains in the throat of the hook, which commonly indicate the load information and dimensions.

If you are still not sure what kind of hooks you need for your application, please contact our sales team. They can answer questions about any kind of rigging hook.

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