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Rigging accessories play a key role in the construction, logging, excavating, marine industry. We are a leading rigging hardware manufacturer in china, supplying a variety of high quality rigging hardware with different material options, including galvanized carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron steel, and stainless steel hardware for marine uses.

We have been specialized in rigging hardware manufacturing for over 20 years, can supply a wide option of rigging accessories, includes clevis hook, rigging shackles, wire rope clips, wire rope thimbles, hoist hooks, and more.

If you have any Interested in wholesale rigging hardware, please contact us for more information, we help you and your business grow and succeed.

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Your Best Rigging Accessories Supplier

In the category of rigging accessories, Hilifting offers four basic types of shackles – screw pin anchor shackle, screw pin chain shackle, bolt type with safety pin anchor shackle and bolt type with safety pin chain shackle. Quality is our first priority…

Drop Forged Bolt Anchor Shackle G2130

Turnbuckles are paired with wire ropes, cable, etc. In our category of rigging accessories, Hilifting offers four basic types of turnbuckles – US type turnbuckle eye and eye, hook and eye, jaw and jaw, hook and hook. JIS type turnbuckle, Din1480 turnbuckle…

Drop Forged Hook And Hook Turnbuckle

Through our line of wire rope clips, Hilifting provides hot dipped galvanized drop forged wire rope clip, zinc plated malleable wire rope clip, duplex and simplex wire rope clips and stainless steel wire rope clips finishes to best suit your requirements…

Galvanized Drop Forged Wire Rope Clip G450

Hilifting eye bolts and nuts inventory includes zinc plated eye bolt and nut, hot dipped galvanized eye bolt and nut, and stainless steel eye bolts and nut. We stock a wide range of eye bolts and nuts, including long shank, swing gate, wood screw with lag thread…

Forged DIN580 Eye Bolt

Hilifting full range of wire rope thimbles offer protection to your steel wire rope and allow you to form a loop in the rope. Various types of wire rope thimbles are available including commercial standard thimble, British standard BS464 thimbles…

Forged Heavy Duty Thimble G414

Hooks are available with a variety of end connectors, including swivel eyes, chains, for fast and easy attachment to wire rope, or lifting slings. Models with and without latch kits are available. Hilifting has a huge range of hooks, including zinc plated hooks…

Carbon Steel Eye Hoist Hook H320

Hilifting offers two general styles of load binders, ratchet binder and lever binder. Ratchet load binder can be used to tighten cargos up and lock binders in place. While with lever type load binder, you can only tighten chains with fixed length. After being fastened…

Ratchet Type Load Binder 140

Hilifting has full lines of snap hooks and quick links including snap hook with eyelet, snap hook with nut, snap hook with eyelet and nut, etc. They are available from zinc plated, nickel plated steel and stainless steel, designed for…

Stainless Steel 316 Carabiner Snap Hook DIN5299 Form C

Hilifting Grade 8/80 Components product line mainly including Grade 8 sling hooks, master rings, connectors and swivels. Grade 8/80 Components are safety lifting chain slings fittings commonly used for lifting applications, painted red or yellow for easily…

G80 Welded Master Link Assembly

Grade 10/100 Components has higher load capacity than Grade 8/80 Components commonly at the same sizes, they can added benefits of increased toughness and longer service life. Hilifting Grade 10/100 Components including Grade 10/100 lifting hooks…

G80 Welded Master Link Assembly

Swivels are connections that allow chain or wire ropes to rotate horizontally or vertically. Eye and eye type is most commonly used regular swivel, besides it, we can manufacture jaw and eye swivel and swivel jaw end in material of carbon steels and…

Regular Swivel G402

Links and rings are one of the most of chains, wire ropes and webbing end fittings. Our links and rings are available in either a high polish zinc plated finish or a marine grade stainless steel finish, in a range of types including twin clevis link, double clevis link, missing link…

Twin Clevis Link For Chain S249

Ferrules and sleeves are available in varieties material. Aluminum is the most common and economical sleeve material, while stainless steel sleeves and copper sleeves are also available, including Us type hourglass aluminium ferrule, Din3039 aluminium wire rope ferrule…

Din 3093 aluminum cable ferrules

Why Hilifting Can Be a Reliable Rigging Factory?

  • Full Set of Our Certifications

    Rigging Accessories are approved by the ISO, CE approval, Marine Hardware are approved by ABS, BV, NK, LR, DNV GL, RINA, and CCS classification society; while the Webbing slings and Ratchet tie downs are CE certified.

  • Flexible Payment Options & Rich Experience

    Our payment options include T/T, L/C, or others. 20 years of rigging hardware manufacturing experience.

  • 10 Hours Quick Response

    Hilifting sales team respond to inquiries within 10 hours during the working time and 24 hours in closing time.

  • Fast Delivery

    We have a wide stock of rigging accessories and chains. The delivery time can be in 7 days for stock goods and 15-30 days for custom-made rigging, chain and wire ropes.

1. What is rigging hardware?

Rigging accessories are also called as rig or rigging hardware, can pair with chains, wire ropes or lifting slings.

They are critical parts of chains, wire ropes, lifting slings ideal for loading and lifting heavy materials to heights with cranes or other devices and used to attach heavy loads to lifting devices, material handling or structure relocation.

There are many different types of rigging hardware, Common rigging hardware includes a variety of equipment including shackles, turnbuckles, hoist hooks, master links and many other types of lifting equipment to meet your differences rigging jobs.

What is rigging hardware

2. How to select rigging accessories?

There is a wide range of industrial, commercial, and recreational applications that use rigging every day for lifting and material handling equipment and moving cargo.

With so many different types of rigging hardware, it is very important to differentiate between each piece of equipment and figure out what is best for each unique lifting situation, for proper selection can avoid property damage or injury.

Here are 2 steps for your correct choice of rigging hardware:

  • Which rigging accessories is the best proper for your lifting situations and environments?
  • With many different forms of rigging hardware made specifically for certain weights, materials, working load limit, breaking strength, etc which form of rigging hardware can be used in your situations, and weather conditions.

3. Rigging accessories parameters you should know before buying from China

       3.1 Rigging accessories materials

  • Rigging hardware can be made on the basis of loading capacity, performance, and environmental applications, These factors are firstly determined by the raw materials, normally rigging materials are carbon steel(mild or low-carbon steel), stainless steel(inox steel or inox).
  • Alloy steel is also carbon steel with a variety of metal elements to improve rigging accessories’ mechanical properties, making them more highly loading limited, fatigues or can be used in some extreme conditions.
  • Stainless steels feature a chromium oxide film on their surfaces which creates high corrosion resistance, are ideal for yacht rigging, stair balustrades, decking and architectural applications since their high polished finish.

     3.2 Rigging accessories surface finish

  • The rigging accessories surface finish can protect the surface of rigging hardware, optimize friction and wearing while paired with lifting equipment or material handlings.
  • The surface finish process usually including hot-dipped galvanized, electro-galvanized, painting, polishing, abrasive blasting, electrical discharge machining (EDM), or other processes.

3.3 Rigging accessories key specifications

  • W.L.L : Working load limited, sometimes stated as Safe Working Load (SWL) or is the maximum safe force that rigging accessories can exert to lift, suspend, or lower, a given mass without fear of breaking. Usually marked on the body by the manufacturer.
  • Safety Factor: Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) divided by a safety factor(SF = MBL / WLL), usually ranging from 4, 6 to 8 on the rigging hardware body. Our rigging accessories’ safety factor can be as high as 10:1 or 10 to 1, if you have more high-quality rigging to your lifting equipment.

4. How to use rigging accessories?

Rigging hardware can be used in conjunction with lifting, material handling equipment to move sizable loads that are too heavy to lift manually, So proper utilization and inspection of rigging are very important.

Here are some strict safety guidelines users must be followed while using rigging accessories to avoid accidents:

  • All users and stakeholders must be familiar with the information contained within equipment user manuals.
  • Proper training on all rigging, lifting and material handling equipment for all operators.
  • Conducting regular preventative maintenance on all rigging, lifting and material handling equipment.
  • Adhering to all safety and operational standards set forth by regulating bodies.

5. How to inspect rigging accessories?

Rigging is acting a very important role in shifting and moving loads shifting and moving loads. Rigging inspection can be a complex process, with many different forms of hardware, it is very important to check Working Load Limit (WLL), Safe Working Load(SWL) before using.

Here are some of the most general rigging hardware warning signs that hardware has been weakened and should be replaced while inspections:

  • It should be inspected regularly as long as it is in service.
  • it can’t be load work rated capacity, once the rigging accessories cracked, twisted, even some cracks are very fine
  • Ensure that there are no missing parts, ex, latches on hooks, nuts on cable clips and cotter pins in shackle pins are still in place.
    Check rigging hardware for signs of opening up, elongation or distortion.

6. How to maintenance rigging accessories?

Periodic inspections, regular maintenance are necessary and important criteria for the rigging hardware, here are 2 rules for rigging maintenance:

  • Keep the rigging hardware away from the edge of sharp objects, avoid to dragging, wearing, and high load operation beyond its W.L.L.
  • It must be stored in a dry and well-ventilated environment, If not used in the short term. Keep the surface of the rigging clean, avoid heating and direct sunlight, keep away from Corrosive chemicals.

7. Rigging hardware standards

There are many relevant standards in the rigging industry, and specific requirements may vary from region to region. In addition, different types of jobs and rigging equipment may come with unique safety requirements. Commonly there are EN, DIN, ASME and AS standards.

8. Rigging hardware common machining process

The process of common rigging hardware is accomplished by these steps:

Cutting → Heating → Roll forging → Punch bending → Edge Cutting → Burr Removing→ Drilling, Tapping, Thread Rolling → Heat Treatment (Quenched & Tempered) → Shot Blasting → Surface Treatment → Inspection station → Packing → Shipping

In the above process, if the Heat Treatment (Quenched & Tempered) process is not handled well, the working load limit and the breaking strength is not good, and it is easy to cause the brittle fracture of carbon steel during the lifting process.

Rigging hardware common machining process

9. Hilifting: Leading rigging accessories manufacturer

Hilifting Industry is a professional rigging hardware manufacturer that sells rigging accessories in bulk to meet your demand for nearly 20 years of experience.

A lot of care and process goes into making these rigging accessories so you can be confident that we don’t just do it halfheartedly. We take this art very seriously, which is why we are one of the leading rigging hardware suppliers in China.

Hilifting Factory

If what you’re looking for is not in our catalogue, don’t worry because we are custom rigging hardware manufacturers too. We will prepare the new rigging accessories model as your requested design.

As a professional rigging accessories supplier with rich experience, our sales, customer service and technical support associates are standing by to assist you with questions, placing orders, pending orders, problem resolution, etc. We have enough confidence to satisfy your special requirement on any rigging accessories needs, Send us an email to reach our Customer Service and Technical Service staff!

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