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Hilifting provides the best rigging, lifting slings & material handling products at affordable prices.

Hilifting is China’s leading rigging, lifting, and material handling products manufacturer and supplier. We have been in the rigging hardware manufacturing industry for over 20 years.

We manufacture rigging, lifting, and material handling products for offshore energy, construction, cargo handling, marine, mining, and transportation industries. For every market: importers, wholesalers, distributors, and even the big chain stores. Now we have over 100 workers, 10 advanced drop-forged machines, 10 die-casting machines, and a total of 10 sets of mold machines, CNC machines, high-frequency induction-heated, heat-treatment machines, etc. All of them are significant assets of our company.

The most beautiful part of the business is that rigging, lifting, and material handling are used in every kind of setting, from industries to commercial applications. The consumption products can create repeatable profit for you. Our company’s unique advantage is that our products are keeping lower prices than other suppliers! Also, we always provide an easy, accurate, reliable service. We appreciate and take care of our customers!

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Hilifting is a dynamic and innovative, China-based company specializing in the manufacture and marketing of rigging, lifting, material handling and associated products for over 20 years. We manufacture chain, wire rope and rigging accessories products for importers, wholesalers, distributors and even retailers, For every market: offshore industries, marines, oils, railway, and so on. We are specialists at what we do, able to respond to any questions quickly and efficiently. We make different from other suppliers for the reasons:

  • All of our manufactured products are made and tested accredited facility offering in-house and on-site mechanical testing and visual inspections according to strict safety requirements to ISO 9001 standards.
  • Volume discounts price direct from chain, wire rope, and rigging accessories Raw-steel mills.
  • Fully lines steel link chain, ropes, lifting slings and rigging hardware machinery.
  • Reliable supply and on-time delivery, to ship one 20’ft container almost every day.
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Our Popular Featured Products For 2020

Rigging Accessories

Rigging Accessories

Rigging accessories are also called as rig, rigging hardware, are paired with chains, wire ropes, lifting slings used to attach heavy loads to lifting devices, material handling and structure relocation. There are many different types of rigging hardware to meet…

Hilifting - D Shackle, Bow shackle, Chain Shackle & Anchor Shackle


Shackles are the one of the most used rigging accessories. Because the pins are removable, they are used to make connections to chains, wire ropes, lifting slings, etc. In the category of rigging accessories, Hilifting offers four basic types of shackles…

Hilifting - Stainless Steel Hardware for Outdoor, Marine & Boating

Stainless Steel Hardware

Stainless steel hardware features an non-magnetic and highly corrosive and wear resistant properties, ideal for outdoors, construction, industrial, fitness and maritime use. Hilifting are available in numerous types of stainless steel hardware including, stainless steel…

Hilifting - Eye Bolt, Lifting Eye Bolt & Eye Nut

Eye Bolts And Nuts

Eye bolts and nuts are used in applications where the load is pulled away from the eye or toward the eye. Hilifting eye bolts and nuts inventory includes zinc plated eye bolt and nut, hot dipped galvanized eye bolt and nut, and stainless steel eye bolts and nut…

Hilifting - Wire Rope Thimble, Cable Thimble Wholesales


Hooks are load lifting, towing, or other heavy duty application rigging accessories, Hilifting has a huge range of hooks, including zinc plated hooks, plastic coated hooks and stainless steel hooks. Hooks are available with a variety of end connectors, including swivel eyes, chains, for fast and easy attachment to wire rope, or lifting slings…

Hilifting - Steel Link Chain Wholesale, Lifting Chain Manufacturer


There are three basic way to lifty heavy loads, chain slings, wire rope slings and synthetic textile slings. Chains are the most common and safety fitting in for chain slings, they are suitable for construction sites, factories and warehouses. With more than 20 years experience in the chains fields, , Hilifting almost produce full range of high quality…

Hilifting - Steel Wire Rope Manufacturers, Wholesaler, Wire Rope Sling Fabrication

Wire Ropes

Wire ropes can be seen everywhere around us, They are made of strands or bundles of individual wires constructed around an independent core. Hilifting wire ropes are in a wide choice of strand constructions, ideal for construction, industrial, fitness, commercial, architectural, agricultural and marine rigging applications. They are available…

Hilifting - Webbing Sling, Nylon Web Slings, Synthetic Web Slings

Webbing Slings

Webbing Slings are a great alternative to chains as they are light weight, flexible, high strength and easy to position, they do less damage to the loads as the load can be spread out across the webbing. Webbing slings are made from polyester webbing colour coded to identify their safety working load limit, then sewn in a specific way to create high strength…

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Our No. 1 priority is you, the customer. We believe in our products and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We truly care about you as much as you do, which is why we offer the best support in our industry. In addition, we constantly search for ways to improve the quality of our rigging, lifting and material handling products, while providing them at the lowest possible prices. You can count on us!

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